Planned Projects for 2023

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Over the next year I plan to complete a series of projects under various categories and scenarios. This is so that I solidify concepts from my courses and to extend my understand of the same material. This is not the sole focus of these projects however.

Browsing various lists and forums, I’ve noted some guided projects and competitions which interest me. Topics such as machine learning, computer vision, game design, and CAD design are not part of my degree, but still interest me. I believe there is a lot to learn from trying various fields outside your own. These projects also help to boost my portfolio of projects I’ve worked on.

What is listed is planned to be completed over 2023. As I attempt these projects, I will create a under construction page and update the links here.

Personal Projects

This is a list of projects I plan on doing based off personal interest/hobbies.

  1. Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar
  2. Multi-function Guitar Delay Pedal
  3. Guitar Amplifier

Competition-based Projects

As the name suggests, these are projects which come from entering a competition. Though I don’t plan on being a game developer, I think it will be fun to challenge myself in creating some.

  1. DRC Droid
  2. Four Game Jams
    1. Metroidvania Month
  3. MathWorks Mini Drone

Guided Projects

These projects are based off guides as learning resources. I’ve tried to find projects that are interesting and don’t provide all details to the reader so they need to figure out how to get their version to work. Where possible, I will also change a feature of the guide such as the programming language used to ensure that I am not just mindlessly following a guide.

  1. Building a DNS Server in Rust
  2. Write Your Own Virtual Machine
  3. Crafting Interpreters
  4. Machine Learning for Beginners: An Introduction to Neural Networks
  5. Multivariate Linear Regression
  6. How to build your own Neural Network from scratch in Python
  7. Using CamShift to Track Objects in Video
  8. OpenCV Saliency Detection
  9. Image Features Extraction with Machine Learning
  10. Object Detection with Neural Networks

Self-paced Courses

While I do believe that projects are the way to solidify learning. Taking additional courses to boost technical skills and support your studies is also great. As a student at the University of Queensland, I get free access to MathWork’s catalogue of self-paced online courses. This is the long list I will be taking over the year to support my projects and coursework.