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Unmanned Firefighting Vehicle

In 12 weeks with a randomly asigned group of 6, we were tasked in developing a RC-car sized Unmanned Firefighting Vehicle (UFV). We were given the colour teal and called ourselves Teal Team Six. I took the role of control and power systems.

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Concept Report

Our first assignment was to develop a concept report for our individual contributions to the UFV. In my report, I weighed the costs and benifits of different microcontrollers and methods of control. I had wanted to make the UFV automated going in, but after developing and consulting a decision making matrix I decided to go with wireless control.

The report can be found here.

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Half-way through the semester, as a group we presented our design decisions to our tutors and other groups. This went well since we were able to provide a small demo of what we had achieved alongside reasoning for our decisions before. The slides are be found here.

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Demo-day and Final Report

Our final product was not as great as it could be. Parts of our design had to be redone last minute due to members not contributing. The wiring of the UFV was ok, but because of the botched chasis, the connection to the pump came out when being removed from storage. This could not be seen or fixed without dismantling the whole project. In the our final report, without this knowledge, we assumed that our UFV was mishandled as I had recorded it working the morning of handing it in. The final report can be found here.